Popular topics: What is covered by the standard LensCap Protection Plan? How does this whole thing work?

What comes with the equipment?

Most item pages will have an “Item Includes” list stating what will arrive with the equipment. Equipment comes to you as it came to us from the manufacturer: if the lens comes with a hood when purchased, it will come with a hood when you rent it. Most lenses will have a hood included, but non-L Canon lenses do not include a hood. Cameras come with one battery, a manual and a charger.

What comes with your order needs to come back: lens hoods, battery chargers, cases, and tripod rings are expensive and the next renter expects to receive them. If the order comes back without them we’ll have to charge you for a replacement. Lens hoods, for example are $40-$80, tripod rings are $140 and up.

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