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Order verification process

All orders are sent through an order verification process. The goal of this process it to make sure that no identify theft has taken place, and that the person placing the order is who they say they are. Another goal of the process is to make sure that each potential customer is the type of person we want to entrust our valuable equipment to.

After you submit your first order, our website will ask you a series of questions. By answering these questions, you give us information that we can then cross check so that we can establish your identity, and your trustworthiness. For most customers, the information provided at this state is sufficient to approve their order. For some customers, we may email or call and ask for some additional information, or to get something clarified.

If we ask for more information and never hear back from you, your order will be cancelled at the end of the day on the scheduled ship date. Occasionally, even when all additional information is provided, we are not able to approve an order without a deposit, although this is rare.

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