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Is a certificate of insurance required to rent certain items?

Unfortunately, yes. With several of our very high value professional items, there are additional requirements for rental. Occasionally, even if you don’t rent one of these items, but you rent a very large amount of equipment, there are also additional requirements.

In these cases, we ask you to obtain independent insurance, if you don’t already carry production insurance. We will need to have a certificate of insurance that covers rented production equipment for at least the replacement value of the items on your order. The certificate must name LensRentals as an additional loss payee.

We require this insurance even if you pay for our damage waiver. We do this because, with high value items or large orders, our primary worry is that some of our equipment might be stolen from you on a busy set or shoot. With the high value of these items, the amount owed to us if it gets stolen is more than most people can pay out of pocket. The insurance gives us some measure of security that if the equipment disappears, we’ll be compensated.

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