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What if I am late with my return?

Don't worry at all! Just let us know via email or phone. We'll get an extension your way and help locate a nearby drop off location.

We will normally get a return reminder sent to you about a day before your rental ends. If you still forget or life gets in the way, we'll also send you an overdue notice if the order doesn't have active tracking.  Specifically, if Fedex or UPS do not show tracking updates by 6 pm on the day it is supposed to ship back, it is considered late.

We strongly recommend making sure to grab and hold onto your drop off receipts. Most third party shippers will not provide a drop off receipt, so we do not recommend them for returns.

 If you do not have a location near you, we’ll be happy to schedule a ground pickup for you via FedEx or UPS. You can also leave this request in the special instructions box at checkout!



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