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Any special considerations for Underwater Housings?

We can't wait to see what photos our awesome customers take with our new line of underwater housings! We'll be running each of them through our already extensive testing procedures. 

Nevertheless, using any electronics underwater does pose a risk for water damage - salt water is bad news for any camera or lens. With our new underwater products, we are happy to cover damage under our Lenscap protection plans with reasonable use. . Just make sure that any item that is going underwater is housed properly and has at least Lenscap protection selected upon checkout.  We also recommend checking all seals before every use!

Unfortunately, we will not honor any water damage claims for your personal equipment, Lenscap being selected on all related items, or if you didn't rent the underwater housing directly from Lensrentals. For any of the above, you will have to pay the full cost of the repair. As always, we're happy to help answer any questions before a rental. 

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