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Can I extend my rental?

As long as we have stock we’re happy to extend your rental. Extensions are 10% off if requested on or before the ship-back date. If you wait until the order is overdue to request an extension, it will be charged our full rate.

Please note, this means that it will ALWAYS be cheaper to rent an item for 14 days rather than renting it for 7 days and then extending for another 7 days.

Example: If an item rents at $43 for 7 days and you request a 7-day extension before the end of the rental, the extension will cost $38.70. This means you will pay more ($81.70) than you would have if you had originally rented it for 14 days ($75).                                                                        

We do this to encourage people to rent for the maximum length of time they may need an item, and then return it early for a refund rather than rent it for the minimum length of time they may need it. We do this because it helps us have a better idea of when an item will actually return from a rental so that we can accept future reservations for it.



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