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What do the Keeper ratings mean?

Evaluation Definition
Exceptional - Very little wear Looks new
Very Good- Light Wear Light scuffing (or better)
Passed - Moderate wear Scuffing, light dings, light brassing, light paint chipping, moderate dust-heavy dust that does not impact images
Flawed - Heavy wear Numerous dings, deep dings, impact damage, cracks, heavy paint chipping, chunks of dust that impact images

Evaluation Age & Use
Exceptional - Very little wear  No performance issues 
Very Good - Light wear No performance issues 
Passed - Moderate wear No performance issues 
Flawed - Heavy wear Performance flaws

Evaluation Definition
Exceptional- Light coating scratches No visible coating scratches (or better)
Very Good - Moderate coating scratches Visible coating scratches (or better)
Passed - Light glass scratches, DOES NOT IMPACT IMAGES Glass flaws that do not impact image quality (or better)
Flawed - Moderate glass scratches Glass flaws that impact image quality

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