Popular topics: What is covered by the standard LensCap Protection Plan? How does this whole thing work?

When using Test Drive, do I get credit for my rental fees?

We'll give you back 100% of the rental fees for up to a 7 day rental as a credit towards purchase. If your rental was longer than 7 days, we'll give you the 7 day rental price as a credit, and 30% of the remaining rental fees you paid, as well.

No credit is given for amounts paid for the LensCap and LensCap+ protection plans.

Lastly, we want to be clear this is a try-and-buy program; it’s not a rent-to-own program in the traditional sense. The price, after any credit for rental fees, will never dip much below 50% of the new retail price of the equipment, so please don’t expect to extend a rental over and over again until the item is completely paid-off.

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