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What equipment is eligible for Keeper Test Drive?

Almost all of our equipment is eligible. If it is impossible for us to get a quick replacement for a particular piece of gear, either because it is backordered or because our suppliers are slow to get us new copies, it may not be offered for sale. If you see a piece of equipment not offered for sale, just send us an email. In many cases, we just haven't gotten around to updating the product to be eligible for sale. If a product is eligible, it will have a badge underneath the rent button on its page.

If you click the Get Estimate button, we'll display a range of possible prices, to give you an expectation of what your copy might cost before you rent it. The final price you are offered will be dependent on the age of the copy you receive, but should fall inside the quote range, in most cases.

While you are renting, some gear we send may not be automatically included with your Keeper purchase. Just give us a shout if you want to check in on what might be included!

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